Tatkraft Keep Non Slip Bath & Shower Safety Stripes Self Adhesive 12pcs PVC

Reference: 20245

Delivery: 3 - 5 working days
Set of 12 self adhesive stripes, each 2X20 cm, discreet and elegant. QUICK AND EASY TO INSTALL - clean the surface, remove the backing, place in the tub or shower, and enjoy the necessary safety for your family members, clients, visitors, etc. HYGIENIC AND DURABLE - fully adhered to the surface of the shower or bathtub, not allowing the appearance of mold or in need of any special maintenance. Could be used: in pools, baths, showers and other slippery places and surfaces. Also fits for: staircases, treads, steps, ladders, ramps, etc. Material: durable PVC

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