Tatkraft STRONG Retractable Outdoor Clothes Line 15 m, 7.9 X 7.1 X 2.8"

Reference: 20757

Delivery: 3 - 5 working days

Easy to use retractable outdoor clothes washing line of stylish robust design. The clothing line is very compact, the line stows neatly away when not in use. 50ft (15m) long. Screws, dowels and fixture hook for installation are included. Strong and durable outdoor clothes line with reliable automatic retraction mechanism. 180 degree Rotating, fixation on chosen length, versatile installation options (to the wall, fence, tree). When retracting, do not drop the line, as the retraction is very quick and might cause injuries, please hold the fixture and control the process. Material: ABS plastic, steel. Dimensions: 7.9 X 7.1 X 2.8" (20 X 18 X 7 cm)


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