Tatkraft Bull 4Ft Heavy Duty Adjustable Garment Rack Clothes Stand with Wheels and Shoes Rack, Holds up to 80Kg /175Lbs, Chrome

Reference: 13544

Delivery: 3 - 5 working days
Additional Storage: upper rail is extendible at both ends to hang more clothes; extra bars to hang your accessories such as umbrellas, belts, ties, handbags; sturdy shelf for shoes and storage boxes. Sturdy and functionally designed steel garment rack is versatile: instead of a wardrobe; at the laundry room to dry your clothes, as a seasonal spare closet, at the office or for commercial stores and display. Heavy Load Capacity and hassle-free, simple 5 min setup. 4 castor rolling wheels (with stoppers) allow the rack a graceful movement from one place to another. Adjustable length 100-141 cm (3,2 - 4,6) and height 150 cm (4,9 Ft), Width 49cm (1,6 Ft)

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