1. General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1.1 General conditions apply between the buyer of the goods in the online store House365.eu (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) and the owner of the House365.eu store in the person of HOUSE365 OÜ (hereinafter referred to as House365.eu) to establish the order and rules of buying and selling, Related to the legal responsibilities of both parties.

1.2 The general conditions do not differ from the basic requirements and norms of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. In the absence of proper information in the General Conditions, they are supplemented and interpreted on the basis of legal norms.

1.3 In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the relationship between the Customer and House365.eu is governed by the price list set by House365.eu

1.4 House365.eu reserves the right to change the General Conditions and the price list of the offered products. Changes or additions to the price list and the General Conditions come into force from the moment of their publication on the website House365.eu. The conditions applicable at the time of its execution apply to the order.

1.5 House365.eu and the Client wish to make a purchase-sale through the online store House365.eu based on the General Conditions set forth in this document. When making an order and payment in the online store House365.eu, the Client confirms that he is acquainted with the General Conditions and agrees with them.

1.6 The prices for goods in the online store House365.eu are quoted in Euros and include a sales tax of 20%.

1.7 House365.eu reserves the right to change the price list (both for goods and services). If the client has issued the order before the changes in the price come into force, then the price specified on the account at the time of order registration is valid for this customer.