Suitcase GLADIATOR Tropicana S+M (Collection)

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GladiatorTravelArt mixes travel and art. he concept was born of trying to give artistic value a product like a suitcase: a piece of art on wheels. We bet on the talent of our illustrators and that we wish that airports, stations and roads are illed with their works. Now comes TROPICANA, the work of Carmen García Huerta from Madrid, considered one of the 100 best illustrators in the world according to Taschen magazine. She has worked for irms such as Lancôme, Max Factor, Custo or Roberto Verino. And also drawn the illustrations that appear on the pages of the great fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle, Glamor). Tropicana is the story of a tropical trip: the photo of a girl with her Converse among leaves of palm trees, exotic birds and sunglasses.
48 0206 Print Limited Edition

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